What is the HCG Diet Plan?



The exponential growth of the HCG diet plan can be attributed to its many unique qualities.  Those whom have grown hopeless with their weight loss found new life with the diet plan, as they experienced real weight loss for the first time.  The HCG diet program is powerful, not only because of its abilities to change the body of its users, but their lives as well.
HCG, which is a glycoprotein hormone produced by women during pregnancy, has been shown to decrease appetite, increase metabolism, and alter the hunger areas of the brain to respond only when extreme hunger persists.  In the 1950s, Dr. Simeons found that this
hormone helped his patients lose far more weight than expected on the diet alone.  Many
patients averaged over 20 pounds of weight loss within the first 10 days, thanks to the
hormone’s unique weight loss qualities.

The HCG diet started with only injection versions of the drug’s administration, primarily given by doctors.  This was quite expensive, so after a time pharmaceutical companies developed over the counter versions of the drug, including both pills and oral droplets.  At first these alternatives were all highly effective, and provided millions more with the exceptional benefits of the HCG diet plan.  Not only were these alternatives less painful, but also much more reasonably priced.

Over time, these HCG alternatives began to degrade in quality.  Many imitators developed as a result of the HCG diet plan’s increasing popularity.  A lot of these were homeopathic varieties that contained only minimal levels of HCG.  These imitators did not achieve the same results as legitimate HCG supplements, and many people using them experienced quite negative perceptions of the HCG diet as a result.

The HCG diet is broken up into 4 phases.  During the first phase, generally people are instructed to consume a lot of food for 2-3 days.  During this period they begin taking HCG every day, according to the prescribed dosages.  Phase 2 begins after this 2-3 day gorging period, where a person begins their 700 calorie a day diet plan, usually prescribed in a guide or using the general guidelines found in Pounds and Inches.  Phase 3 is the cool down phase of the diet where after between 23 to 60 days of the HCG diet, they’re put onto a maintenance regimen of 1000 calories a day.  During this period they no longer take any HCG.  After a brief period of time, which is phase 4, they go back to a normal 1500 calorie per day diet.    Further regimens of HCG can be employed, if it’s deemed necessary by the patient, or if the weight loss desired is too large to complete within a single time span (that’s allowable by the diet).

The HCG diet and many of the oral forms of HCG represent the most powerful weight loss treatment on the market today.  Customers rave about their results and patients live happier lives as a result of using it.