Try the HCG Diet Plan With a Friend

Thinking about trying the HCG diet with a friend? We have you covered! Our 120 day supply comes with two full regimens of HCG Plus at one low, low price. New research indicates that the HCG Diet plan, when done with a friend, has a much higher success rate and it simply makes sticking to it that much easier. HCG Plus is the top brand for real, non-homeopathic HCG weight loss. We offer more than any competitor for a lot less money!
Tired of homeopathic imitators? We have so much more to offer than mere vitamin water. When you purchase HCG Plus you not only receive the highest concentration HCG available anywhere, you also receive a whole of e-books, including a recipe guide, quick start guide and Dr. Simeons book Pounds and Inches. The HCG Diet plan is meant to maximize results without pain or discomfort. Choosing a friend or relative to work on losing weight with is always a fantastic start!

Homeopathic HCG is by far the most common oral HCG droplets you will find on the market today, but the reality is these drops contain no HCG whatsoever. This is why the FDA has grown so concerned with their popularity, as customers usually believe they are receiving HCG, but in fact the liquid contains none of it. Though many are duped by this, another problem is that their weight loss is often stagnant or worse, non-existent. Despite the best efforts of people who are just out looking for a real solution to their weight problems, weight just does not shed quickly without real HCG dosing. The solution for you and your friends is a simple plan and at the cornerstone are real HCG drops, just like HCG Plus. Not only are we the cheapest real HCG in the world, we may in fact be the only real supplier!

Start Your Weight Loss with a Friend and Save!

Weight loss programs are often a lot easier to manage with a close friend or family member doing it with you. This offers both encouragement as well as the added benefit of learning from the mistakes of others. We at HCG Plus want you to lose weight so much we offer Real HCG at heavily discounted prices for more than one bottle! Need more than 2 bottles? Contact us and ask us about our deep discounts on orders over 4 bottles! You and your friends can all benefit from this amazing weight loss breakthrough, that is not only scientifically proven, but is the most doctor prescribed weight loss treatment in the world.

We offer groups amazing discounts on the HCG diet plan, but also we offer them each individually great support! Anyone who buys in a group can rest assured we will be here backing them up every step of the way in their weight loss goals. We have been there. We know what it is like to struggle to find the real product and the immense desire to lose weight. Many people that work here at Bottled HCG Diet have used our own product for themselves and for their family members and can attest to its power and effectiveness. We hope you and your friends take the leap together and begin your journeys to a smaller and more healthy you!

Last Updated:

January 23, 2012