HCG diet plan: How the Phases Have Changed

Discovering the New and Improved HCG Diet Plan: Phase Changes


Recently we have had a lot of questions regarding Dr. Simeons Plan versus the modern day wisdom about the HCG diet. Understandably many people are confused why diet plans now, differ from the original created by A.T.W Simeons. The simple truth is that, science has progressed a long way since his book was originally created in the 1950s.

Many of Simeons original plan provisions are invaluable, and the HCG diet plan wouldn’t be the same without them. Particularly the reduced caloric intake and high protein parts of the diet plan, magnify weight loss to such a large degree that they cannot be removed from the diet plan without serious deficiencies in weight loss. However, we have found, as have many studies, that certain changes offer largely beneficial effects for those on the HCG plan. One of the most significant changes we’ve made to the plan has been the increase of the diet from 500 to 700 calories per day. After a lot of research, we found that longer treatment regimens with HCG and slightly higher calories per day increased total weight loss by almost 40% over a 60 day period. Rather than stopping at 43 days like the old plan, going upwards of 60 days creates a plateau reduction that helps increase total weight loss seen in the briefest amount of time possible.

There has also been a lot of new information about the HCG diet plan that indicates it may be tremendously helpful for diabetics and others with chronic health problems. Particularly, increasing energy, and overall health, lowering cholesterol and increasing insulin production, are just a few of the amazing benefits seen throughout several studies on HCG drops. Not surprisingly, changing these phases also helps maximize the benefits to overall health as well. Many clients report better circulation, rapid weight loss and decreased appetite throughout the entire 60 day treatment regimen.


The benefits of the HCG diet seem to increase exponentially as more and more research is done to test new theories. Particularly one theory based test has lead to another change from 3 phases to 4 distinct phases of the plan. Breaking up the gorging, and pre-HCG phases before the plan starts into a longer 3-4 day regimen has yielded even quicker weight loss. In the body’s attempt to store fat during gorging, lipids are detached by the HCG molecules and expelled or consumed first, rapidly accelerating total weight loss.


Science continues to improve the HCG diet plan and we intend to implement the best and most effective new steps that come out of this research into our plan here. Keep your eye out for improvements as time passes, in both effectiveness (already the highest available anywhere) and speed of weight loss!

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October 13, 2011


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