How has HCG Plus Changed With the New Version?

As many of you undoubtedly noticed, HCG Plus has undergone a large transformation this week. Beyond mere bottle color, which changed from amber to cobalt, there’s a whole lot that changed behind the scenes.
We discovered not too long ago that there were several key ways to improve the HCG diet plan, even more than is apparent between the Homeopathic vs Non-Homeopathic difference.  Searching for a more potent HCG solution, we came across a more reasonably priced source of HCG for our non-homeopathic drops.  We came across not only a more potent powder to mix into our solution, but we also, after some analysis, decided to remove the alcohol completely.

We’ve gone from around 320mg of HCG complex to over 1200!  The effects have been tremendous for people using the new more potent mix.  Though results were already the best in the industry with our older formulation, the new formula offers even better results.  Average weight loss peaked at over 12 lbs vs 8.9 lbs with the old formulation (or around 1.5 lbs with homeopathic solutions).  This improvement is fantastic and shows the effects of such high levels of HCG.

This change over has definitely increased our costs, but we intend to work diligently to lower those and still provide the same low price we always have in the meantime.  Simply put, we’re out to help you lose even more weight at the same great price.  The New HCG Plus lasts longer, is more potent and more effective than any HCG product out there today.  When it comes to the HCG diet plan, HCG Plus helps to maximize your total weight loss as quickly as possible.

Time is critical when it comes to your health, and we understand that all too well.  It’s time for a change, and changing our formulation has been one of the biggest improvements for our customers!  Out of all HCG drops, HCG Plus is going to continue to improve and give you the best results imaginable.

Last Updated:

October 4, 2011


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