-Insert Food Type- Days: A Gimmick For Homeopathic HCG Suppliers?

As many of you probably have noticed, many homeopathic HCG suppliers include information about certain types of “food-centric” days as part of the HCG diet plan.  These particular days generally suggest that if you plateau during your HCG diet, you need to have a cantaloupe, orange, pineapple, etc day in which this is all you eat.

We have noticed this trend in particular with “top” homeopathic suppliers that charge premium prices for their HCG-less drops.  Some customers report a jump in weight loss for the day they do this (if they’re experiencing plateaus), but generally several problems with this suggestion arise.

Switching diet regimens can often stop a weight loss plateau on any diet and is in fact a primary way doctors change plans during plateaus.  HCG, however, should not have this kind of problem.  The natural decrease in total weight loss over the course of the HCG diet plan is inherent in the way the hormone metabolizes lipids and fats.  Likely what these people are experiencing is a drop in water weight, and in turn, an unhealthy choice for future well-being.

Real HCG diet drops in particular, attempt to maximize total weight loss over 43-60 day periods, rather than short and unstable 20 day diets (with homeopathic HCG drops no less, which contain no HCG at all).  Optimal weight is not a goal that once reached a person can simply give up whatever restrictive diet they used to get there.  Cantaloupe, pineapple, fruit days can definitely kick people off plataeus, but using this as a tool for fast weight loss is unhealthy and counterproductive for long term success.

This is completely different than steak days and other types of high protein days described by Dr. Simeons and other physicians.  A high level of protein is critical for success on the HCG diet plan, because the hormone actually utilizes and consumes proteins in order to metabolize stored lipids and fats.  This is a critical part of the diet plan and also the maintenance phases after each HCG regimen.

Last Updated:

September 24, 2011