The Differences between Real HCG and Homeopathic Explained

Many people have been trying the HCG diet plan, fueled by extremely positive results from users. Often, users are able to experience at least 20 pounds of weight loss within a single regimen, but there is one huge problem: Homeopathic HCG. Many people are falling prey to some dubious practices of the major organizations selling over the counter HCG options. Homeopathic HCG or “alternatives” to HCG actually do not contain the real hormone. As a result, many users are buying into these drops and yet receiving none of the major product, the hormone itself. Unfortunately, despite the FDA’s best efforts, most users are still unaware of just how badly they are being taken advantage of.

Homeopathic vs Real HCG:

Homeopathic HCG, as is clear by the labeling of the drops themselves, does not contain the actual HCG hormone at all. This has far reaching consequences, but most notably the program simply will not work for users. Not only is the actual hormone required for success, but it is required at levels of around 125-200IUs per day. This is billions of times the concentration generally found in “homeopathic” drops. As a result, users almost never experience the results they would normally have with the actual hormone, and it’s a much more difficult journey.

The HCG diet program is indeed powerful, but it requires a high degree of the hormone in order to function. This is where these homeopathic drops and real drops differ. Real drops, like our HCG Plus, actually provide the high degree of the hormone itself that is required for success. Usually our clients lost between 20 to 30 pounds within a short classic treatment, and generally do not experience hunger at all. We offer the same clinical levels of the hormone, but delivered in a cheaper and far less painful package. Users can expect rapid weight loss, but beyond that, they will know that they are taking the real hormone instead of “mystery drops”. It’s always important to use only real weight loss solutions, as imitators can be risky and potentially harmful to users.

The rise of homeopathic drops has led many to question their creation. They were created for one simple reason, to confuse new customers and dieters. Few people ultimately understand that the HCG program is much more than just another weight loss method. It has been shown to be effective in thousands of studies and provides unprecedented results for users that have long term weight loss problems. The longer the person has been overweight, seemingly the better their results. Of course, this has made many people anxious to try the program, and with them come many charlatans attempting to profit from the confusion in labeling. HCG is that is labeled as “1x,2x,3x” concentration does not work. This is a sure sign that the drops do not contain the actual hormone at all. Rather, keep your eyes out for things that are real measurement values. The hormone is measured in one of two ways, in milligrams (in powder form) or in IUs, when mixed. IUs in this case should be mentioned directly, and on every bottle you should generally find something that says “non-homeopathic” or “real” HCG. Keeping these things in mind can keep you from falling prey to these bogus drop suppliers.

Last Updated:

May 24, 2012