Dynamics of Weight Loss – Can HCG Really Be Effective?

HCG healthThe HCG diet plan is now the most popular method for weight loss in the world, and for good reason. The results our customers experience are powerful and effective. People simply lose weight with our real HCG drops at levels that people generally do not fully appreciate. One or two pounds per day is just the start of this great program, but the benefits ultimately go far beyond just the users’ waistlines.

There are a host of benefits to losing weight with HCG over various other programs, particularly in cases where the person has a long term difficulty losing weight.  Stubborn pounds that have remained for years have a very low likelihood of ultimately being lost.  This is because of the body’s resistance to losing this stored fat and also the cells of the body themselves resist this.  Yet, with the HCG diet there are simply some astounding benefits that can allow people to lose these pounds quickly and keep them off.

Known Benefits of the HCG Diet:

  • Metabolism increases to levels that are far beyond the norm.  Generally people lose 20 pounds so quickly because their body begins burning twice as many calories per day as normal
  • Appetite decreases.  Though this is oftentimes not the principle problem for people on a reduced calorie plan, this can be a great help to make the weight loss quicker
  • Those with thyroid related conditions can lose weight the same as any normal person.  The hormone directly decreases the body’s ability to put on weight at the molecular level
  • Long-term success even without taking HCG.  After people lose the weight they often gain it right back quickly, but with HCG this does not happen.  There are key progrmas to “maintain” the weight lost in the long term.  This allows people to achieve great results.
  • The HCG diet program is powerful, effective, and extremely dynamic.  It does not matter what the person’s body type is, or how long the fat has been a problem, the hormone is powerful enough to change this for good.

Whenever a person begins using HCG Plus, which is the web’s only real and non-homeopathic over the counter and non-prescription HCG solution, they generally lose weight quickly.  On average customers lose between 20 to 30 pounds within their first regimen, and this is a direct result of the hormone’s effects on the body.  The HCG hormone has been identified as the only known treatment for obesity that directly interacts with the brain’s hypothalamus, which is what controls weight gain and metabolism.  It has the connections within the protein itself that allow it to decrease appetite and increase metabolism naturally.  It is, of course, important to follow the difference phases of the hcg diet as described, in order to maximize the benefits of the program.

Injections previously were the main way of taking this hormone, but they proved not only expensive but painful as well.  People can now take it via oral supplements, but there are simply too many out there that are nothing more than cheap and overpriced vitamin supplements.  At present, there is only one over the counter hcg weight loss supplier, and that is our HCG Plus drops.

Last Updated:

June 1, 2012