How to Live Healthy After Completing the HCG Diet Program

Life after the HCG diet plan can be dynamic, and require some very serious commitment to the results you have achieved throughout the program. Phase 3 should be continued (or a similar Phase 4) for as long as you wish to maintain the weight lost after halting your HCG diet. It’s important to remember that HCG is not a “one stop cure” for life. You will need to be diligent and maintain the weight you have lost in the long term. This may sound simple, but there really isn’t much too it. Here we’re aiming to help provide a few tips for this extended “lifelong” phase of the HCG diet.

It’s all too easy to just go back to your old ways after such a restrictive program, but what good would that do in the end?  It’s very important to keep your head centered around the importance of maintaining the weight you have lost in the long term.  HCG offers a fast, and powerful, way to lose weight and keep it off.  However, unfortunately, you will have to go into maintenance mode at some point.  Generally it is advised to follow the instructions for phase 3, which includes reduced sugar and carbs and maintaining 1500-1700 calories per day.  This can, actually, be very easily.  Just keep those results you have achieved in the forefront of your mind and follow these simple tips.

  • Keep your eye on the prize.  You do not want to gain weight again, so don’t!  Maintain, maintain, maintain!
  • Don’t “cheat” and use it as an excuse to quit.  Often it’s too easy to simply excuse one or two failed days and simply stop entirely.  One day does not mean you have failed, rather just keep it up once you realize the mistake
  • 1500 calories is a lot of food!  This about this for a second.  This is 3 times as much food per day as you ate during the HCG diet!  Yes, that is a lot food, and you can be full all day with it.
  • Go organic as a way of life.  You went organic on the program, why not continue? There are all kinds of bad things that come in store bought and processed foods, things humans were not meant to eat.  Keep your beef, chicken, fish natural and your body will always be healthy.
  • Support your new lifestyle with new foods.  Don’t be stuck in a box!  Phase 3 allows for almost every type of fruit, vegetable, fish, chicken or lean beef there is.  All you have to do is stay away from processed foods and you will succeed.

Never give up your dream of maintaining that healthy weight.  Many of our customers lose 20-30 pounds and we always encourage them to keep up phase 3 as their new way of life.  The results? The vast majority succeed!  All you have to do is keep these simple tips in mind and stay motivated.  Soon you will feel better, healthier and simply have a better lifestyle.

Last Updated:

June 14, 2012