How Can I Know HCG Plus is The Real Thing?

Eating HealthyThe HCG diet plan is by and large the best way to lose weight today, however, many people ask us, just how can they ensure they are receiving real HCG.   The HCG diet program does indeed require strict adherence to the literature, which requires 150 to 200 IUs per day, so only real HCG at such dosages will be effective ultimately.  HCG Plus does provide this level of HCG, but beyond that, people can be sure of this because we specifically mark out product as non-homeopathic and real!  Rather than using made up values like “16x, 20x” etc.  which are commonplace with homeopathic or “alternative” drops, we specifically indicate the IUs of HCG you receive each and every day.

We advise people starting our product to do so with a friend, in order to get a lot better deal on their order.  You can save 20%+ just by going with our 120 day supply and splitting it among two people.  HCG Plus contains enough HCG so that you can take 200 IUs per day for roughly 45 days from a single bottle.  No other HCG drops contain so much HCG, and at such a reasonable price.

The HCG diet plan is actually a fragile program.  People who are taking these homeopathic or “alternative” drops actually do not realize how much their health is at risk.  Going on a 500 calorie per day program (though we do recommend the modern 700 calories per day), can be a tremendous health risk if HCG is not used.  HCG is powerful enough that people lose 4 times as much total weight as they do with just dieting alone, however, without these levels of HCG being introduced into the body each and every day, people will be effectively going it alone.  Such a strict low calorie diet can have huge health risks without the aid of HCG.

Firstly, if you go on such a reduced calorie diet without the HCG hormone to help you, you will be starving most of the time.  This will cause you to balloon in weight as you go from starving to “cheating” on your diet.  Secondly, 500 calories per day is not enough to live from.  This is truly a crash diet on its own, and your body may go into vitamin deficiency.  You really need to be mindful of the risks.  Heart palpitations, poor circulation, and general harm can come from going on such a low calorie diet without the aid of a pharmacological treatment.

HCG Plus is a truly non-homeopathic, and truly real HCG.  We have been in business providing our real HCG for over 2 years and will continue to do so into the future.  You should avoid all of these homeopathic or dubious retailers out there.  That’s the only way to ensure your good health and your weight loss success.

Last Updated:

July 2, 2012