A Breakdown of the HCG diet plan

Many people are interested in the various phases of the HCG diet plan and what each one means. This is an excellent question, as the HCG diet is more than just taking a few drops every day (or injections for that matter).
The HCG diet is broken up into 3 phases and though HCG is an essential component of the diet, it is only a small part of the much larger program. All of our customers receive a guide on the different phases of the HCG diet, but we thought it would be best to overview something of the more important pieces of the plan.


Phase 1

Loading Phase: This phase, as part of the HCG Plus plan, includes 2-3 days of caloric intake greater than 2000 calories. During this phase you take at least 20 drops of HCG Plus, daily. This is essential to provide sufficient levels of HCG in the blood in order for subsequent phases to work.

Phase 2

HCG Weight Loss Phase: This Phase, as part of the HCG diet, includes up to 60 days of treatment with HCG before taking a break.  In this phase, a 700 calorie per day plan is supplied to customers (this has been well researched to maximize effectiveness).  We supply a recipe guide and guide with further details about this particularly important phase.

Phase 3

Maintenance Phase: This Phase, as part of the HCG Plus diet plan, is modeled after the Kevin Trudeau method, though modified slightly.  We provide specific instructions for this phase, and different recipes, however, the phase itself should last at least 21 days.  This period represents the most important gap between treatments on the HCG diet.  Protein is critical in this phase, including specific days devoted to almost nothing but protein intake.  Trudeau calls this “steak day” and we advise the same sort of thing.

Last Updated:

September 12, 2011