New Information Finds HCG diet plan May Offset Diabetes

We reported last week on a new study that indicated the HCG diet plan, beyond merely providing exceptional weight loss benefits, also seemed to have other positive effects for diabetics.

This particular study has gained a lot more headway in this past week, thanks in part to our exposé.  The study offers one amazing glimpse into some of the new information about this diet that has been surfacing, thanks in part to consumer demand for HCG (which, of course, fuels research).

The study performed by a PHD Gary S. Goldman showed not only the power of the HCG diet plan itself for weight loss but, also, startlingly results about patient insulin levels over the course of the HCG administration.  Diabetic patients taking HCG began to have normal pancreatic functions within a single treatment regimen.  This is a nearly unknown effect of the HCG diet plan.

Beyond the normal weight loss seen with HCG, which in this study averaged almost 30 pounds in 30 days, patients experienced a host of other health benefits.  Since we brought this study into the light last week, it’s been picked up by several outlets and is starting to gain steam in the medical community.

Much like how coffee was once thought to be a negative, and is now seen as a highly positive food for good health, so does HCG seem to be shifting into a widely accepted “miracle” cure for human obesity.

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Last Updated:

August 29, 2011