Real HCG vs Homeopathic HCG drops


Knowing the state of HCG products in the marketplace today, differentiation of Real HCG and the rest can be difficult.Where were our customers to find facts? There are too many homeopathic varieties claiming their products were Real HCG or worse, confusing the issue by saying these Homeopathic varieties are HCG drops at all. As we’ve discussed, the term Homeopathic means the product does not have any dosage of HCG.

Where are our customers going to learn about this fact though? Well we decided that the best place to learn is right here.


The Study

We talked with a group of people interested in trying our HCG drops to help them lose weight last year, and gave one group Mediral Homeopathic HCG drops.
We gave the other our Non-Homeopathic HCG. Each group comprised 10 women, all with BMIs greater than 25.

After only 2 weeks the weight loss data we gathered was staggering. Only 1.2lbs on average was lost by those using homeopathic drops! While those using Real Non-homeopathic drops lost an average of 11.7 lbs!

11.7 lbs of weight loss in 2 weeks! Amazing results!

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