Maximize Your HCG Diet Plan

The HCG diet plan has grown considerably in popularity, fueled primarily by the exceptional results people experience. We have said it many times before, but real HCG drops like HCG Plus, not only offer the same amazing results, but also afford several advantages to patients. Rather than costly injections, real HCG drops are reasonably priced and pain-free.

Many people are still confused by the many various methods for taking HCG, and so it is best to clear up some common misconceptions.  HCG Plus is truly non-homeopathic, which means it has clinical levels of HCG, but how can you get the most out of it?  The best way is to follow the guides provided to each customer here, and not listen to much outside information.  Dr. Simeons book and our quick start guide offer almost all of the information you need to get the most out of your diet.  Rather than going to alternative sources, especially homeopathic HCG drops suppliers, for information, we have compiled the best and most effective methods for the HCG diet plan.  One example is the common misconception that the HCG diet requires 500 calories per day.  Though Dr. Simeons original strategy employed this method, modern research has indicated that a 700 calorie a day and longer treatment regimen offered the largest total weight loss.  Many of our customers achieve the best success when they are on this higher caloric intake, and it should come as no surprise that the longer term of the HCG plan yields larger weight loss.

One of the primary things to remember about the HCG diet plan versus any other diet program out there, is that medical professionals have developed and perfected it over several decades.  Beyond merely creating a lot of happy customers, the HCG diet plan also provides top notch medical science and research to bolster results.  Though many people struggle to lose weight for years, with HCG drops it quickly becomes not only possible, but attainable.  The average weight loss medical professionals see with the HCG strategy is over 25 lbs in a single treatment.  Few diets can even come close to this, let alone medical treatments for obesity.

Is the HCG diet safe?

Absolutely! The HCG diet plan is being prescribed all over the world because it is safe for almost anyone to use.  Complications are minimal and results grossly outweigh any possible negatives.  For the millions of people benefiting form HCG, thousands have already benefited from real HCG drops as well.  The results are the same with HCG plus, but the price is much more reasonable.  Our goal is to make this diet available to everyone, regardless of income!

The HCG diet plan is by far the most tested, and medically proven diet method available today. Doctors and medical professionals continue to recommend and prescribe this treatment to their patients who are looking to become healthy once again and lose weight. The studies on this issue are quite clear, most people lose 25-30 pounds of fat in a single treatment regimen. With our plan, including HCG Plus, rather than only one regimen, you receive enough non-homeopathic HCG for 2 full dieting regimens! In short time, and likely only needing a single treatment, most people will experience long-term and permanent weight loss.

With real, non-homeopathic HCG there is no need for injections. Unlike homeopathic products, which contain little to no actual HCG hormone, our product contains clinical levels, much the same as you would find following the plans given by doctors directly. You can get all of this, without the hassle and expense of doctor’s visits and high prescription costs!

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Last Updated:

November 4, 2011