Maintaining Motivation On The HCG Diet

Smiling And HCGMaintaining enthusiasm and motivation for the HCG diet program is not always an easy task. It varies from person to person, but many people find themselves ‘missing’ the foods they used to eat. Though HCG works extremely well at decreasing user appetite, it does not remove the cravings people sometimes experience for specific foods. As such, it’s important to keep in mind the overall goals for the program and maintain a strict adherence to the outline of the diet as established in the literature.

The HCG diet doesn’t require any fantastic changes, rather, people simply give up things that are high in fat and carbs and replace them with more organic things as part of the program.  However, the difficulty in maintaining the program stems from the inherent nature of how the body deals with hunger.  The foods we eat can actually lead to a type of addiction, where people expect a certain type of food otherwise their body may crash metabolically.  The HCG diet aims to correct this behavior, but it takes time to affect these changes.  Through our quick weight loss tips, we have attempted to provide motivation links in the past, but each person will need to find their own working solutions for themselves, in order to achieve the results they hope for.

Keeping Final Outcomes In Mind

One of the secrets that our users report is that when they think about their success, and how much they’ve lost so far, they generally find it much easier to forget about the foods they previously had eaten.  Most people starting HCG Plus will quickly lose 10 pounds or so within the first week to ten days.  From there, it’s not hard to remind yourself about the success you will experience on this program.  HCG Plus always significantly reduces the person’s appetite, so realizing that the cravings are not because you’re hungry is a good start to prevent obsession with foods.

The HCG diet is fairly fragile, as other hormones can greatly impact the success of the diet.  HCG is sensitive to any other factors that influence blood hormonal levels, and as such, people who take prescription hormone therapies may encounter slower weight loss than the regular user.  However, this is not reason to feel discouraged!  HCG can work for everyone, as demonstrated by numerous studies on this topic.  Even those with chronic health problems, such as diabetes, hypothyroidism etc can benefit from the use of HCG.  The major area of importance is motivation.  Keeping the ultimate goal in mind is a good strategy, and also, if motivation flounders late in the program, people should consider going into Phase 3.  If weight loss begins to slow down after 3-4 weeks on the diet, many can choose to go into the maintenance phase rather than continue with discouragement.  This can help people not give up on the program completely and gain back the weight they lost, simply because they feel like they will be unable to lose more.

Last Updated:

December 5, 2012