The HCG Diet

HCG Dieting The HCG diet plan continues to grow in popularity, fueled in no small part by user experiences. For the most part, people lose a huge amount of weight with the program. Generally the weight loss figures are in the 15 to 20 kilograms range, for each and ever regimen. Over one thousand different studies have been conducted on the HCG diet and its benefits, and each and every one showed it to be a highly effective program. Yet, what makes this program so successful for so many people?
Generally speaking, the average user of HCG goes into the diet quite skeptical of the results they have heard about. Understandably, it is never easy to believe in such seemingly impossible results. The HCG program changes two areas of the body’s biochemistry, its metabolism and appetite. When a person gains fat in, it is not simply deposited straight into their cells. Rather only a finite amount of fat cells exist in the body from birth, and once fat is added to these cells, the cell walls will stretch out and expand. In doing so, these cells will permanently expand in size. Furthermore, when a person loses the fat from these cells, they shrivel up, rather than returning to their original size. This causes these cells to release a biochemical signal into the body, that is specifically designed to signal the brain to lower metabolism and increase appetite.
This biochemical signal is powerful. On average, the body will lose about 50% of its metabolic rate after about 10 pounds of fat loss. This can oftentimes make further weight loss impossible, as the person reaches the dreaded “plateau”. HCG is the only known substance that can arrest and even reverse these damaging effects. The hormone HCG actually will attach itself directly to the hypothalamus, the area of the brain that is responsible for a person’s metabolic functioning and appetite. In doing so, it will decrease the person’s appetite naturally, while boosting the person’s metabolism. This allows the body to, generally, consume around 3000 calories per day rather than the more normal 2000. Yet, other benefits of this hormone can be seen in studies that have been done on the hCG diet and its overall benefits for people suffering from chronic illness.
Diabetics and those with hypothyroidism often cannot lose any weight on their own. Doctors generally prescribe medicines like phentermine, which are supposed to help the person to lose weight. This is usually the result, however, these are nothing more than stimulant pills and the effects do not carry over once the person halts taking the medicine (which they must do within 20 days or risk heart palpitations). These medicines can be extremely risky, but for little to no actual long term benefits. HCG, on the other hand, actually does last in the long term. This hormone will actually address the cause of the problem, the brain’s hypothalamus, rather than just being an expensive energy pill. In doing so, it allows the HCG user to not only experience fast and effective weight loss (far beyond any other weight loss treatment), but also to keep it!

Last Updated:

April 20, 2012