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How has HCG Plus Changed With the New Version?

As many of you undoubtedly noticed, HCG Plus has undergone a large transformation this week. Beyond mere bottle color, which changed from amber to cobalt, there’s a whole lot that changed behind the scenes. We discovered not too long ago that there were several key ways to improve the HCG diet plan, even more than […]

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-Insert Food Type- Days: A Gimmick For Homeopathic HCG Suppliers?

As many of you probably have noticed, many homeopathic HCG suppliers include information about certain types of “food-centric” days as part of the HCG diet plan.  These particular days generally suggest that if you plateau during your HCG diet, you need to have a cantaloupe, orange, pineapple, etc day in which this is all you eat. […]

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A Breakdown of the HCG diet plan

Many people are interested in the various phases of the HCG diet plan and what each one means. This is an excellent question, as the HCG diet is more than just taking a few drops every day (or injections for that matter). The HCG diet is broken up into 3 phases and though HCG is […]

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New Information Finds HCG diet plan May Offset Diabetes

We reported last week on a new study that indicated the HCG diet plan, beyond merely providing exceptional weight loss benefits, also seemed to have other positive effects for diabetics. This particular study has gained a lot more headway in this past week, thanks in part to our exposé.  The study offers one amazing glimpse […]

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Finding A New Niche: The HCG Diet Prevails Among Serious Dieters

Many of you may already be aware, but the HCG diet plan is growing more and more popular in recent months.  Articles are cropping up everywhere about the surge of patients requesting, or even demanding, their HCG injections or HCG powders. Why is this Diet becoming so popular? Simply, because it works.  Much like many of […]

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What Makes HCG Plus so Special?

Often customers come to us with the question, why should we choose HCG Plus?  There are many imitators out there selling homeopathic varieties, which may or may not be effective. Many of our customers have tried homeopathic HCG and have either had limited success or some success, and wished instead to achieve better and more […]

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Switching between Homeopathic HCG and Real HCG

We at HCG Plus and are often asked this question: “I’m taking homeopathic HCG drops and have had some success, how do I transition to the more powerful HCG Plus?” When transitioning between homeopathic HCG and HCG Plus, it’s advisable for people to finish their shorter regimen of homeopathic HCG before beginning with HCG […]

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What about Homeopathic HCG drops?

Many of our customers have used or are currently using homeopathic HCG drops.  These homeopathic HCG drops often provide them with results, sometimes exceptionally good results, but they’re looking for a more powerful solution.  HCG Plus has been providing that solution to thousands of customers to date. What’s the largest difference between HCG Plus and […]

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HCG Plus is Non-Homeopathic?

Here at Bottled HCG Diet we receive this question a lot.  Is HCG Plus really non-homeopathic? The answer is simply YES! HCG Plus is manufactured in the US from an approved facility.  We mix HCG Plus on site and deliver only the best oral HCG supplement available on the market today. Many lightweights on the […]

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The Difference Between Homeopathic and Non-Homeopathic HCG

  Many HCG users initially choose homeopathic HCG undoubtedly due to the confusion that the many HCG drops suppliers hope to perpetuate.  The word homeopathic literally means that the dosage of HCG is minute or non-existent.  For years medical journals have criticized the practice of homeopathic medications, as they’re widely used as a marketing gimmick. […]

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